Puffin is an Oceanis 40 owned by a young Swedish couple living in southern Sweden. She is a 2007 Beneteau owned by Max and Charlotte since late 2019.

For the boat enthusiasts, here are 10 quick questions. Get to know us!

· How many berths? 3 cozy double berths.

· How did we find Puffin? After some crazy roaming on the homepages of EVERY yacht broker we could find, we finally decided to glance at the boat we had thought was way out of our league. When we met her, it was love at first sight.

· Sails? A main, a Genoa and a Gennacker (but if you ask Max, we’re definitely getting more sails).

· Engine? A 40 horse power Yanmar.

· Number of heads (toilets)? Two! Super convenient when having guests on board. But let’s be honest, when doing the plumbing we both wish we just had one 😛

· Where was Puffin bought? We bought her in Stockholm.

· Puffin’s previous name? Contessa

· Why the name Puffin? Well, we actually had two main reasons. Firstly Puffins are pelagic seabirds and are known to be found, amongst other places, in the Atlantic Ocean and when we met we bonded over sailing the Atlantic. Secondly, the first ocean crossing we did together was the North Atlantic Ocean, during which we got to see Puffins.

· The Puffin boat drink? Definitely a Gin & Tonic!

· Draft? 1,9 m.