Dolphins and turtles when cruising to the Canaries

Our cruise to the Canaries started off with a beam reach in large swell. Luckily we had some dishes prepared for the first days, because no one was keen on spending time in the galley. Moods were boosted with the dolphin visits, which along with turtle visits, actually came regularly all the way to the Gran Canaria. 

After a few days we started to get our sea legs and moral was higher on board. As the sea legs came, the to do list for Las Palmas grew as well. 

The ignition for the engine started acting up, and thanks to Peter’s help we managed to hot wire it for the remaining starts. But this definitely needs to be fixed before leaving for the Caribbean. 

We had also started to hear a creaking noise, which we thought was caused by the board holding the autopilot. Unfortunately this turned out to be something bigger. Upon inspection, we could see that something is off with the rudder structure. This is  definitely something to look into in Las Palmas. 

Along with this, there’s also a long list of other things to take care of before the crossing. As there always is to boats. 

New Years Eve was focused more on the rather long to do list than on Champagne. Oh well, we are a great team onboard and with a long to do list, two extra sets of hands are always appreciated!