Finally Ocean Ready?

In the Canary Islands we had spent days taking care of the reinforcement of the rudder structure. While the task itself wasn’t too hard, and we were very lucky to be in a marina with marine stores just up on the pier, fiberglass work is never that pleasant. With fresh coats of fiberglass applied with epoxy, and sanded down before each application our bodies were itching everywhere. Max was spending time crawled up in the aft locker and Charlotte was cutting fibreglass strips and mixing epoxy. The boat neighbors even started to call Charlotte the epoxy chef 👩🏽‍🍳  The rest of the crew had a long list of tasks too, and naturally some times the important task of fixing cold Coca-Cola was the top priority. 

After a few days of repair work, the hard work seemed to have paid off. The new structure seemed solid! 

Thereafter it was time to quickly take care of everything else required before an ocean crossing, filling up with food, water, diesel, preparing meals for the first few days, taking care of all entry formalities for the destination and the PCR-tests.